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Memphis Live Shots is the Leading Video Production Company for Live Shots in

Memphis, Tennessee

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Sonlight Studios is the only independent live shot studio in Memphis and the Mid-South.  Our facility offers  a spacious studio with a work area, green room and plasma monitor for any background.  Our connectivity is with LTN over the Vyvx fiber system with analog phone lines for IFB and PL.

Sonlight has a 20 year reputation of consistent quality connectivity and Southern hospitality – it’s our trademark.  Memphis Live Shots is a brand owned by the parent company Sonlight Studios.

Want to know more about how Memphis Live Shots can help your cause, brand or business?

For professionals and news outlets seeking to engage the platform of Memphis Live Shots and live streaming into their business, we are the leading event broadcast company that offers well-thought-out broadcasting services.

We are equipped with the necessary equipment and services to reach out to your audience through Live Shots, Live Streaming and Live Broadcasting. In the age of live social media, broadcasting and streaming live videos are considered the latest frontier to differentiate your business from others and using these media as engaging tools to connect with the audience.

Therefore, our services help you to build, host, and distribute your content with comprehensive coverage around the world. We offer you the right platform, where you can use our services to connect with the viewers and creatively introduce your brand and make everyone aware of it.

We are well equipped with our own live shot studio, dedicated IFB and PL lines, encoding facilities, HD-SDI connectivity, tape out abilities and transmission services, customizable plasma monitor background, digital footages/ feed tapes, and satellite media tours to cost-effectively reach wider audiences spread geographically in different locations.

We offer you with rich, informative and tangible content that are mostly looked-for. By employing the services with our outstanding, engaging, and interactive technology, you can have endless benefits of getting your news covered and, your message spread to engage audiences before, during, and after the event.

Possibilities with Memphis Live Shots & Memphis Live Shot Interviews

There are countless possibilities of using our live shot transmission tool for live reporting, interviews, and streaming without delay. We offer live shots for the news outlets, looking for proper tools for covering their news and increasing the view of their content.

If there is breaking news of terrorist attacks, forest fires or, tornadoes, earthquakes, the audience will be looking for live shots to enlighten them on the current ongoing situation and allow them to ask questions for getting clarification on the news.

We provide the equipment and services to cover this successfully and even engage the audience with a follow up live interview session with special guests from the studio or from the incident spot covered simultaneously in the double box split-screen.

Even though the audiences, reporters, guests and the spot spectators are hundreds of miles apart, they connect altogether through the live shot newscast.

Regardless of situations, live shots are the best tools to boost the views and provide incredible visuals and latest developments live from the location.

We spend on providing equipment to news outlets to cover news from the scene when viewers look for urgent live transmission.

We understand the expectations of the viewers, and provide the industry leading services which are the critical components you will need for establishing your brand.

Reaching The Global Audience Through Memphis, Tennessee Live Broadcast

Going beyond the location and reaching out to the target audience is possible through live broadcasting which is similar to live shot in the sense that it broadcast the events in real-time.

We provide the service of live broadcast at incredibly low cost through which you can cover the special celebrity interviews, political campaigns, concerts, and matches of sports teams.

We help you provide live broadcasting through both of our internet streaming and television newscast that fills in the audiences’ desire to attend the live events.

We make sure that you can reach out to the global viewers over the internet and lead the social media news. We have available satellite media to provide the first person view that will interest your audience and as a result, the news consumption of your channel will skyrocket.

So, when you need completely professional live broadcasting services anytime or anywhere, we can provide it. While this platform is evolving, we are trying our best to incorporate the best tools and technologies that you will need.

Live Streaming to Video Feed the Audience in Real-Time

Memphis Live Streaming is a new way to reach out to your local and global audience for building your brand and increasing your exposure to the public.

It lets viewers to get live updated and real-time video or audio broadcast from concerts, environment campaigns, sports events, and earthquake locations.

Additionally, you will also be able to create interactive environment with the viewers, host, and guests by organizing Q & A sessions, webcam, and voice feed.

It is similar to live shot, but the difference lies in the access and participation of the audience in the live video footage or feed.

We provide you the technology so that you can reach your viewers when they are viewing through their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers from anywhere.

We provide the best strategies and high quality streaming service to engage your audiences like the real life face-to-face conversations while you provide fresh content to promote your brand.

Our company will teach you to acknowledge your audience, let them ask their questions and opinions, and reply to their queries making your news brand popular.

Build Credibility and Connection to Drive Audience Engagement

To drive audience engagement and be successful in the promoting your news brand through the live shot, live stream, and live broadcast, you can ask for our consultancy and production services.

Giving your audiences the opportunity to interact and be part of the live telecast, you earn the convenience of getting your brand/ news outlet introduced.

We provide local and global production services and advanced live broadcasting technologies to help you produce interesting content for the viewers.

The engagement of the audience can affect the quality and popularity of your news outlet when you exclusively use our production and streaming services.

Therefore, by providing your audience the glimpse of everything that is involved and acknowledging their opinions, you can increase their engagement and foster connection to build the reputation.

There are seemingly endless possibilities of how you would like to represent your news brand and its services to the audiences from different geographical locations.

Therefore, we take care of all media aspects that will help you connect with your audience and provide end solutions to user privacies, trademarks and copyright issues.

Since we have vast experience in the technical and production services, digital resources, logistics and execution of live broadcasting, we will ensure the success and exposure of your news outlet.

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Memphis Live Shots